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Westrum Development Company Testimonials

"Westrum Development Company’s projects have consistently demonstrated significant positive effects on southeastern Pennsylvania’s economy, and contributed meaningfully to Philadelphia’s urban revitalization."

Kevin C. Gillen Ph.D.,
Economist and Senior Research Consultant, University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government

"I consider John Westrum an expert resource when it comes to questions regarding residential real estate development in and around the city of Philadelphia. His valuable insights lend understanding and clarity to the tumultuoushousing market conditions."

Al Heavens,
Philadelphia Inquirer Real Estate Writer

"With our Growing Greener programs, Pennsylvania is taking aggressive steps to preserve our environment, revitalize abandoned industrial sites and protect natural resources. The success of these initiatives is directly attributable to organizations such as Westrum Development that responsibly contribute to the commonwealth's economic and environmental well-being."

Edward G. Rendell, Former Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Residential Community Testimonials

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“We are extremely happy to have purchased a Westrum home! It's everything we hoped and dreamed for, and the Westrum team made it happen. From choosing our home options to the final walkthrough, the Westrum team has been extremely responsive and helpful. And most importantly, the home turned out just as we imagined! We love it!

Living in this community is awesome! The location of our home is perfect and exactly what we needed. It's close to the city and convenient to get on the highway. It's also a quick walk or jog to get to the Schuylkill River and the running trails, which is definitely a huge plus!

I can't thank Trisha enough for all of her help! Throughout the whole process she has been extremely responsive and helpful. I was impressed with how promptly she responds to all of our emails and phone calls and how well she follows-up with everything! She definitely made us feel we were a priority, and we really appreciate everything she has done!”

"I love my new home in Philadelphia! I get lots of sunlight, my home is spacious, and the location is phenomenal! My community is the best! The neighbors are warm friendly, and really take an interest in what's going on in the community. Regarding location, it doesn't get much better than this, its like the perfect mix of city & suburb. East falls has great pubs & eateries, and everything is within walking distance. West River Drive, Kelly Drive, and 76 are a stones throw away, so I can get downtown or out to my hometown of Bryn Mawr within a jiffy. There are running & bike trails as well as shopping within minutes of my home. I couldn't have asked for a better location.”

"It was also a pleasure to take possession of our new home in West Chester. Every step of the way was completed with class. Our first, pre dry wall walk through presented us with a clean work site. Any issues that arose during construction were immediately handled. The final walk through was nearly perfect. Even the windows and siding were sparkling clean.

The staff members that we worked with were exemplary. We have purchased 6 new homes in our forty year marriage and the one at the Arbours was the best delivered product of all of them. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

“To everyone at Westrum Development Company,

Thank you all for such a Grand Opening Party for the Community Clubhouse. It was wonderful and the Clubhouse is beautiful. Great job to everyone.

Bob and Geri”

“My home is great! The Bainbridge model has a lot of room for living, and even more for entertaining. I'd recommend this model to any singles or couples my age. I really like the Community. The parking situation is great, and my commute to work in center city is a breeze. Everyone has been really friendly, especially the construction crew. Trish was a large part of my purchase. She was really helpful with picturing the space without having a furnished model. I sincerely valued her thoughts and suggestions.”

“We feel incredibly excited about our future home. The fact that it will be our dream home is the best part. We’re like little kids that can’t wait for Christmas morning when the new toys you asked for finally arrive. We feel so blessed to be able to accomplish this and have our dream become a reality.

This is the second time going through the home buying process for us. I have to say that this is one of the most intense processes in life. Between the questions, the waiting, the gathering of documents and the paperwork, one could lose sleep over it. You have to just dig in and be prepared for it all and it will work out. We picked this community because of location, location, location. It was perfect for my commute to work and where my children attend school. We will still be close to family and close to downtown Philadelphia. In comparison to other homes this was the best!Trisha has been incredible. She did not come across as “salesy” or “pushy”, she simply talked to us and asked us how we liked the house. Then she proceeded to ask questions in an effort to get to know us. Trisha was very easy to talk to and we soon became aware of her vast knowledge of purchasing a new home. Her approach was inviting and she made us feel very comfortable.”

"The Villa is everything we imagined. The large Great Room lets us place our furniture the way we want it. It's us. Perfect for entertaining, perfect for us."
- Donna and Jerry


"With his focus on neighborhoods in Philadelphia and surrounding urban areas, John Westrum has demonstrated that a developer can be successfully while investing in environmentally challenged properties. This has the added benefits of lessening the developed pressure on the region's green field and farmland. In recognition of these, 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania honored John Westrum and Westrum Development Company with its 006 Pioneer Award."
-Janet Milkman, President and CEO, 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania